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Home & School

The Home and School Association is a community of parents dedicated to serving the school and helping to meet the needs of the school and student body.  Since the desire to support our children and school is our connecting thread, we consider all parents as members of RCE’s Home & School Association upon enrollment of their child(ren) for the academic year.
The organization is led by an Executive Board including, President (appointed), Vice President (appointed), Secretary, Treasurer, Upper Grade Liaison and Lower Grade Liaison. President and Vice President commit to one 3-year term, with the intention that the Vice President will succeed the President at the end of the 3 years, other offers commit in one-year increments for a total of one 3-year term. Vacant officer positions will be filled via nominations from active Home & School members with an election, if necessary, in August. Executive Board members are asked to attend as many Home & School events as possible, help with set-up/take-down of events in addition to assisting with Home & School decisions and serve as an ambassador of Home & School to the RCE community.
The Home and School Association meets throughout the school year at school to plan fundraising, social and staff support events. Unless otherwise specified, the meetings are open to all parents/families and children/students are welcome to attend. Home & School will make every effort to coordinate with RCE Clubs to provide childcare for the duration of the meeting. The Home & School organizes the following committees to assist and aid the school in various ways. Parents are encouraged to become active in one or more of these committees and can indicate their desired Committee Membership via the Parental Involvement Form which is managed by Home & School.  All volunteers who interact with children must be Safe Environment Certified.
Fundraising:  The main events are the Annual Auction and Cookie Dough Sale. Fundraisers are subject to change at the discretion of School Administration, Home & School Executive Board and Committee Members to best meet the needs of the school. 
Staff Support:  Homeroom Helpers will be assigned to each class for the purpose of supporting the teachers, communicating with other parents and serving as a reference for new families. The Upper Grade Liaison (Kg, 5th-8th) and Lower Grade Liaison (Pre-K, 1st-4th) both Home & School Executive Board positions will serve to coordinate and communicate with Homeroom Helpers. Committee Members will also assist with staff support events including but not limited to luncheons, Back to School, Catholic Schools Week and Teacher Appreciation Week activities.
Community Building:  Events include Family Movie Night, Back to School Picnic, and any other events which are designed to provide family-friendly fun and are open to all RCE families. Events are subject to change at the discretion of School Administration, Home & School, and Committee Members to best meet the needs of the school.
Volunteers:  To assist with SWAP SHOP organization, Library events, and special projects as requested by School Administration and/or Home & School.