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Virtue Focus

Each month we will have a specific virtue to focus on and live daily on campus and off campus.  The monthly virtues are listed below.  We will teach, review, and remind students of the monthly virtue with morning announcements, in class, and around school.  The Tigers of the Month will be recognized at the end of the month at our mass.  Every teacher will give an explanation on how the recipient showed and lived the current virtue during the month.  The students will get rewarded with a certificate, a prize, and a special lunch with the principal.
Theme of the Year:  Faith
Month                 Virtue                  Definition                                                                                                        Saint
September          Faith                      Believing in God and all He has revealed                                                      St. Martha
October                Reverence            Showing your deepest respect for things of God                                        St. Hyacinth
November           Stewardship        Returning to God the first fruits of your time, talent, and treasure      St. Elizabeth of Hungary
December           Generosity            Giving without counting the cost                                                                   St. Nicholas
January               Gratitude               Seeing everything as a gift and being thankful                                          St. Francis of Assisi
February              Honesty                 Being trustworthy and true                                                                  Bls. Jacinta and Francesco Marto
March                  Mercy                     Caring for those who suffer                                                                              St. John Vianney
April                      Justice                   Being fair and giving each his due                                                                St. Katharine Drexel
May                      Zeal                         Being driven by an intense love for God                                                       St. Paul