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Virtue Focus

Each month we will have a specific virtue to focus on and live daily on campus and off campus.  The monthly virtues are listed below.  We will teach, review, and remind students of the monthly virtue with morning announcements, in class, and around school.  The Tigers of the Month will be recognized at the end of the month at our mass.  Every teacher will give an explanation on how the recipient showed and lived the current virtue during the month.  The students will get rewarded with a certificate, a prize, and a special lunch with the principal.
Theme of the Year:  Hope
Month                 Virtue                     Definition                                                                                                        Saint
September          Hope                      Trusting in God's loving plan                                                                     St. Joseph
October               Studiousness        Seeking knowledge to grow closer to Truth                                           St. Albert the Great
November           Humility                 Accepting your limitations and God-given talents                                 St. John the Baptist
December           Patience                Waiting or enduring without complaint                                                    St. Monica
January               Fidelity                   Being faithful to promises and commitments                                        St. Cecilia
February              Cheerfulness        Looking on the bright side                                                                          St. John Bosco
March                  Temperance          Enjoying things in a proper, balanced way                                              St. Teresa of Avila
April                     Obedience             Saying ‘yes’ to the loving will of God and those He has set over us   Our Lady
May                      Diligence               Doing your best and working hard until you're finished                         St. Andre Bessette