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Prayer Experience

Each year students in 8th grade are provided the opportunity to participate in a day of recollection.  This day gives the students a chance to leave their regular activities behind and spend a day getting to know God and themselves in a new dimension.  These days are a required activity.  Students absent on this day must make-up this activity. 
8th        Theme: “Leadership and Stewardship” (August)
8th        Theme: “In the World, but not of the World” (End of year)
1st Week of month:   1st Friday Benediction
2nd Week of month:  Rosary
3rd Week of month:  Chaplet
4th Week of month:  Adoration
Since our task is to complement the faith and the example given by the parents, we encourage each family to:
Attend mass regularly on weekends and holy days; As Catholics, we are taught the importance of keeping holy the Lord’s Day. Regular attendance at mass on weekends is a Church law.  Pray with their children.  Inquire about religion lessons taught in the classroom.  Actively participate with your children in stewardship/service projects.  In this way, we will be working hand-in-hand to model Jesus’ example for our children.
Each year students in grades 6th through 8th are provided the opportunity to participate in a day off campus to experience our Catholic Faith in different venues. 
6th         Pilgrimage Journey to visit 3 Servants of God - whose causes for sainthood have been opened in Acadiana area              
7th         St. Joseph Seminary/Abbey in Covington, LA
8th         Seelos Center, Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA