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Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Rayne Catholic is to form a family of leaders and learners who know, love, and serve God.
Our students will learn together, work together, and pray together in answering the call to a faith-filled life of service.
We believe in God and we believe. . . .
  • that each person is created in the image and likeness of God
  • that each child is a precious gift and a sacred responsibility
  • in the goodness, dignity, and worth of each person
  • that Jesus Christ is our model and our teacher
  • in celebrating and witnessing our faith
  • in transforming the world through Catholic education
  • that Catholic education includes spiritual growth and fulfillment
  • that learning is a lifelong journey
  • that all can learn and develop their gifts
  • in building Gospel-centered communities for service to one another
  • that all have rights, roles and responsibilities for which they are accountable
  • that Catholic education is a shared responsibility in which parents have a primary role