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Thank you for choosing Rayne Catholic Elementary for your child's education.  We at Rayne Catholic believe that Catholic education is the force that builds and develops a whole person, spiritually, intellectually, morally, and socially. We base this on the premise that each individual is of supreme worth and dignity.
The success of our educational endeavors is dependent upon participation by parents, students, faculty, staff, and members of the community.  We consider ourselves a family who works and prays together, who contributes the unique gifts and talents given to each of us by God, to provide for each child's growth and development.  Throughout the academic year each of us will be called upon to participate in school activities.  We invite all parents to accept the challenge of moving a very good education system beyond greatness to excellence.
The faculty and staff of Rayne Catholic Elementary are committed to the educational excellence of each child.  We function as a family of Christ.  Our commitment is to prepare children to accept the differences of one another, to realize that life is precious and to provide experiences in the educational processes that will bring out the best in each child. 
Very Reverend Brent Smith, VR and Alicia Ardoin, Principal